Neuro Linguistic Programming-NLP-Certification training in Mumbai

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Neuro Linguistic Programming-NLP-Certification training in Mumbai

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Neuro Linguistic Programming
Get Certification training from the Most Respected and Loved Trainers of NLP:

We invite you to get trained from more than 18 years experienced Authentic Trainers of    
Dr. Richard Bandler, in India

Siri and Sat, have the honor of assisting Dr.Richard Bandler, in his one and only
NLP Practitioner Training workshop in 1997, in Bangalore, India.

They present a complete and practical NLP Business and Life Application Model.

They have also been trained by world's powerful authority in NLP applications, Anthony Robbins. He is also their personal friend.

NLP is an accelerated learning strategy for the detection and utilisation of patterns in the world- John Grinder

Here are some of the compelling reasons to learn NLP

Think for some moments

What will happen if you could......

Get rid of limiting beliefs related to your career, growth, relationship and life.
Be highly influential in your professional sphere and command unmatchable respect in personal relationships.
Be good at generating choices, making right decisions and live with a mindset of hope and numerous possibilities.
Come out of the clutches of addictions, temptations and compulsions that make you feel low and leave you embarrassed.
Have an extraordinary set of powerful communication skills-set? Check there is nothing else as worthy as communication.
Lead change and coach people to solutions. Help them to emerge as winners in every challenging situation.
Exercise full control on your emotions such as Anger, Fear and Anxiety. Know how worries can be dropped.
Remain focused and be more productive as well as resourceful. Maintain an " Optimal Performance State".
Have compelling "Future Vision" that propels you beyond barriers and create circumstances that favor you.
Wipe out thoughts that disturb you, memories that haunt you and any phobia that overpowers you.

More Info Website :
Ph : 09811379590
Email :


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