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Indian NLP Trainer

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Indian NLP Trainer-
Dr. Richard Bandler- co creator of NLP has developed it since 1970. Sat and Siri who embed NLP Training and Certification have been Trained by Dr. Richard Bandler and Master Trainers John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle developers of Executive and Business NLP.

Sat Puram Singh Khalsa and Siri Guru PrakashKaur Khalsa” They are the only 18+ years experienced Licensed Trainers of Dr. Richard Bandler’s Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming, U.S.A in India who are the first to bring the work of co-originator of NLP in India. They have been personal coach, facilitators and consultants to CEO’s, Executives and Corporate Trainers.

Siri G P Khalsa is an impressive Licensed NLP trainer since 1995 personally certified by Dr. Richard Bandler.She is a marvelous coach and in few steps creates a break through.

She personally supervises every skill practice session in the workshop and makes sure that you attain a prestigious certification level and develop ability to apply NLP in real life situation. Her way of training is so simple that it directly goes into heart.

She is a qualified Life coach and Spiritual counselor with ISIC Hospital, VasantKunj, New Delhi. Her clients wait for her and love to be coached by her.

She is a very unique Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She has assisted Dr Richard Bandler in 1997 workshop in Bangalore Hotel Le Meridiens.

A lifetime member of NHRD, attend most of their meets. She has designed and directed hundreds of corporate training programs.

She comes from a background of computers and has a natural flair of designer wears and accessories. Any one who glances has appreciated her remarkable designers suits.

Yogi Bhajan of USA personally initiated her into Yoga of Awareness. She holds level 1 Certificate in Teaching from Yogi Ji’’s KRI, Los Angeles, USA.

Sat P Singh Khalsa has more than 18 years experience in professional and motivational Training and development and has been involved with NLP since 1994.

He is a highly strategic and experienced Licensed NLP Trainer and has assisted Dr Richard Bandler in the workshop in India in 1997 .

He has a special ability in designing processes and systems. He is qualified coach, in fact coach approach comes natural in his communication.

He pioneers in blending multiple techniques and using new methods of personal development. Many times his one-liners are powerfully transformative, leaves you keep guessing, how come one can change so quickly.

He has lost the count of books and numbers of author he has studied. Knowledge acquiring is as natural for him as breathing. He reads on average one book per week.

He has studied various models of excellence, in fact he helps many people to model excellence in different contexts. He is a coach and mentor to a select and upcoming group of entrepreneurs.

“NLP training inspires you to make desirable and appropriate changes in your personal, business, social and relationship life, becoming a more elegant communicator, a strategic persuader and a multiple perspective-oriented, a flexible creative person.”

Dr. Richard Bandler’s words about Sat and Siri from Alphastars-

"These trainers are more than NLP teachers. They have the Heart, Mind, Spirit & Determination to spread Joy as well as Skill into the Evolutionary process.

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