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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training, Courses, Certification

It’s a 7-Day of NLP Certification

(Certificate Signed by Dr. Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP)

Plus the following added advantages:

Full NLP Integration Future Paced to Real Life Situations

Unconscious Transformation Patterned, to be an Outstanding Person in the workshop

Self-Propelling Quantum Leap 3-years Auto Mode Vision Installed to Achieve Mega Success

Higher capabilities Inducted to Self-Coach and Strategies to Model Excellence

Cutting edge Competency to Coach and Lead others Anchored to be a Model of Excellence

Mentoring from Top NLP Guru Siri

NOTE: To be a Certified NLP Practitioner truly means, you should be able to Coach Yourself and others and achieve unparalleled success by Practicing and Applying NLP skills on yourself. Unfortunately most NLP Schools don't teach this.

Daniel Goleman of “ Emotional Intelligence” fame describes NLP Practitioners:
“ People who read People” –Psychology Today Magazine

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