Neuro Linguistic Programming|7- Day Intensive workshop

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Neuro Linguistic Programming|7- Day Intensive workshop Empty Neuro Linguistic Programming|7- Day Intensive workshop

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(NLP) 7- Day Intensive workshop

Small groups
Authentic set of NLP skills
Internationally experienced trainers
Become certified as a Licensed NLP Practitioner
Become members of the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (SNLP).

Learn NLP with only Alphastars using
Unique Derivative of Proven Bandler Technologies

Altered State Unconscious Strategies Elicitation
Installation And Modeling


Become ferociously effective in what ever you do.
Communicate to influence yourself and others.
Change unwanted behaviors, habits and beliefs.
Interrupt unproductive patterns and thinking.
Model your own excellence and that of others.
Amplify your inner strength and resources.


Individuals and Professionals who are seeking Greater Personal effectiveness in what they do. Gaining Proficiency in better interpersonal skills. Work to Achieve Big Goals and get into Peak performance. State.

This course provides a set of skills to make a difference by using neurological approach to influence human mind to yield quick and longer lasting results. This proves far better than just a psychological approach.


The 7 days NLP Practitioner course will enable you to:

Impressively get into instant and deep levels of rapport with others.
Access and multiply self-confidence to face any situation
Communicate persuasively, appropriately and precisely
Lead others ethically towards a ecological and win-win outcome
Become strategic, focused and tactical in problem solving rather than beating around the bush.
Take a solution focused approach and generate possibilities.
Think more innovatively and re-invent your approach to groom all parts of life
Develop self-management and improvise team management skills
Set big business goals and achieve easily.
Manage meetings in effective manners.
Conduct appraisals and interviews with better insight and
Utilise interactive and working time more effectively
Resolve relationship conflict in a manner that solution becomes quickly acceptable.
Overcome barriers and knock down limiting beliefs.
Design and adopt new empowering beliefs
Communicate more attentively, flexibly and convincingly to any one.
Understand and use the mind and body system to manage your state.
Get a command over communication using advanced language patterns surprise self and others.
Elicit specific and accurate information from others; deal with them in a manner that fog is clear.
Understand personal motivation strategies and amplify them quickly in yourself and others
Become extraordinary confident and flexible at the same time to handle complex situation and face challenge.
Make your personal and professional life congruent.
Become an Outstanding person by 'Modeling ' the exceptionally talented performers in your chosen field.
Apply advanced language patterns to gain performance edge in area of work be it managing, marketing, training, presenting, coaching customer care or any other field of your choice.
Influence people both at the conscious/unconscious levels while you communicate .
Lead, Coach and mentor your people more for higher productivity.
Induce resourceful mental and emotional states at will to get desired results.
Take your best-developed skills, abilities and performance to next level.

More Info Website :
Ph : 09811379590
Email :


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